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It will be accompanied by the semi perspective effect, which will vaguely reveal your white skin, elegant and charming. In terms of color selection, I suggest you try some soft and light colors that are suitable for spring, such as light green, taro purple and lotus root pink. These colors will give you a feeling of spring warmth, especially white, soft and <a href="">pirate costume</a> <a href="">Halloween costumes</a> <a href="">school girl costume</a> <a href="">little black dress</a> <a href="">little white dress</a> <a href="">overbust corset</a> <a href="">plus size pajama</a> <a href="">yoga clothes</a> <a href="">Christmas costume</a> sweet. Purple is elegant and noble, especially suitable for small women. However, lavender with high brightness is easy to appear black, so we should select it according to the actual situation.The floral dress is the favorite of many girls, because it looks especially sweet.