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As a result, Li Kui found that Ning Shuyu was not only injured, but also had deadly toxins in his body. This Ning Shuyu is actually poisoned, Li Kui eyes show ruthless, unexpectedly someone dares to do this to her husband, she will not let go of that person. But now the most important thing is to help Ning Shuyu detoxify. Li Kui can't cure, so he can only use the most stupid way to force out all the poisonous blood in Ning Shuyu's body with spiritual power. Keren's body is too fragile, so in this process, Li Kui must be careful not to make any mistakes. It must be very difficult to replace this with a true cultivator who has just built a foundation. But Li Kui, who used to be a demon fairy, is absolutely good at controlling divine consciousness. Li Kui closed his eyes, as flexible as being manipulated by a machine, and the toxins in Ning Shuyu's body, like an obedient student, soon flowed out of Ning Shuyu's middle finger. The black and stinking poisonous blood fell to the ground and bubbles appeared, so you can imagine how poisonous it was. Li Kui gnashed his teeth and continued to use Reiki to help Ning Shuyu repair the dark wounds in his body. When Ning Shuyu's breathing was steady and his face was ruddy, Li's aura was gone. At this time, Li Kui's face was a little white, which was the consequence of overdrawing Reiki. She did not care about anything else and immediately took the time to start practicing. Half an hour later, Li Kui's Reiki was barely enough, and she was ready to see her father-in-law Xiaoyao Wang again. But it happened that Ning Shuyu woke up at this time. "What are you doing here?" Ning Shuyu, who was still confused, saw Li Kui, and his blood almost flowed backwards. Li Kui did not know how to explain. He nodded and said,Pallet rack upright, "I.." I don't know what to say, but I won't hurt you anyway. Only then did Ning Shuyu realize that he had recovered. He was not unconscious a few days ago. He knew that he had suffered multiple injuries and was poisoned. But now that he's safe, these.. Is it all made by Li? Ning Shuyu's eyes sank, and he suddenly realized that he didn't seem to know Li Kui at all. But in a twinkling of an eye, Ning Shuyu held Li's hand tightly and thought that no matter what secret she had, Li was the wife she loved all her life and never abandoned. In order to change the subject, Li Kui began to ask Ning Shuyu why on earth it was like this. Because Li Kui has the ability, Ning Shuyu also did not hide. After all, in fact,Warehouse storage racks, it is still a great achievement, Ning Shuyu and his father's reputation, in the Dynasty is too high, more than the emperor, this is really few emperors can endure. Coupled with the immortal machine behind Li Kui, the emperor was really worried that his descendants could not keep the world. For the sake of power, the emperor decisively attacked Ning Shuyu and his son, completely ignoring the safety of the country, and let many soldiers die in vain. This is simply, too much. Li Kui was furious. "Dog Emperor, I want to kill him." Ning Shuyu took Li Kui's hand and said, "Lady, don't worry about it next. I'll take care of everything. You can feel at ease." Ning Shuyu has a well-thought-out plan and has a good plan. Li Kui really wanted to know what he was going to do, so he didn't intervene and waited for Ning Shuyu to make a move. In the days that followed, Ning Shuyu killed the disloyal people in the army and held Ning Jiajun in his own hands. Then, with lightning speed, warehouse rack manufacturer ,heavy duty racking system, he led the military forces to catch the alien by surprise. After that, Ning Shuyu made public what the emperor had done to their father and son, inciting the soldiers and himself to mutiny. Of course, Ning Shuyu was not prepared to attack Dazhou, but to occupy the alien territory. At the same time, Li Kui's family, and Princess Xiaoyao, as well as the family of the soldiers who followed Ning Shuyu, were all taken over by him. With so many people, their small country has enough population for the time being. As for grain, Ning Shuyu has prepared hundreds of thousands of tons early, and it is not a problem to persist for two years. Two years, enough new grain came out, Ning Shuyu made full preparations, it seems that he has already acted in the dark. Li Kui later learned that, in fact, the latter Xiaoyao Wang had begun to prepare ten years ago, and he knew too well that few of the courtiers who had made great achievements in history had come to a good end. King Xiaoyao did not want to die, nor did he want to fight with the country he guarded, so he decided to seize the territory of the alien race. At that time, the father and son agreed that they would leave the Dynasty as long as the emperor did not hide his intention to attack them. Unexpectedly, the emperor was so ruthless that he bribed their most trusted person to attack them. If it weren't for Li Kui this time, their father and son would definitely be planted. King Xiaoyao's sudden departure made the emperor furious, and he immediately sent people to war to seize the heads of King Xiaoyao and his son. These soldiers at the border, compared with the military forces of the Dynasty, could not be less. At this time, Ning Shuyu made a stratagem to let the Dynasty fight with the alien race, while they were wretched. At the same time, Li Kui was pregnant at this time, for his own child. The maternal and generous Li Kui made, and other weapons. With powerful weapons, even if there were few people in Ningguo, the Dynasty would not dare to attack. Once courtiers are now stronger than themselves, can not stand the fall of the emperor vomiting blood stroke, his son for the throne to kill each other, and finally the whole army was wiped out. The throne fell into the hands of the imperial clan, and the emperor was so angry that he deserved it. Ningguo is getting stronger and stronger, but Li Kui thinks Ningguo's land is too small for his children. As a result, Li Kui trained the navy, went to the distant black territory, where it became a vassal state of Ningguo, so that each of his children became king. Chapter 44 the abandoned waste material is really worth a thousand pieces of gold. At the end of one world, Li can't wait to go to the new world, hoping to meet her lover again. However, this new world, let Li Kui feel strange, there is no plot. This time Li Kui came to a small world of cultivating immortals named Chen Jie. The spiritual roots of this world are divided into metal, wood, water, fire and earth, as well as mutated wind, thunder, ice and so on. Chen world is really quite small,radio shuttle racking, the highest repair for, also just cross the plunder period, after crossing the plunder period can fly to the fairy world.